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Hardware Survey - OS Marketshare

These hardware survey charts are made with over a million PerformanceTest benchmark results. This first chart is updated daily and gives a daily indication of the Windows Operating System users have installed on their system over the last month. The change column shows the percentage change from the previous month prior. The other charts are updated on the 15th of every month to give a historical trend of the Windows OS versions installed on PC systems.

  • These graphs counts the baselines submitted to us from users of our PerformanceTest software and is therefore is representative of the Windows OS installed on our user's system.
  • Baselines can be submitted from anywhere therefore these are global statistics.
  • These charts only include results from systems with Windows x86 processor platforms and therefore does not include any statistics on other hardware platforms.
  • The results are a combination of PerformanceTest V8 to V11. The last version of PerformanceTest to support Windows XP is V8. PerformanceTest V9 does not support Windows XP.
Windows OS Versions
Updated 14th of June 2024
Windows OS Versions Percentage Change
Windows 10 (64-bit)
33.17% -0.55%
Windows 11 (64-bit)
65.86% 0.60%
Windows 7 (64-bit)
0.31% -0.05%
0.66% 0.02%
  • This graph counts the baselines submitted to us during the last 30 days.

Windows OS Install Historical (Quarterly)
Updated 15th of May 2024
Windows OS Architecture Historical (Quarterly)
Updated 15th of May 2024